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Beyond Budgeting: Collaborative Financial Management with Smartsheet

Updated: Jan 23

The SoftwareX Financial Management Workflows for Financial Collaboration in Smartsheet. Three components of Smartsheet, end users, and financial data

Budgeting, tracking expenses, forecasting, and managing cash flow are essential financial management tasks, but in today's business landscape, they're difficult to do effectively and precisely. To truly thrive, businesses must transform financial management from a reactive exercise to a proactive, collaborative process. This is where Smartsheet steps in, not just as a tool for budgeting and reporting but as a powerful platform for Collaborative Financial Management.

Imagine a world where...

  • Data flows seamlessly across teams and systems, eliminating silos and ensuring everyone works with the same accurate information.

  • Collaboration becomes effortless, with funding requests, approvals, and performance tracking happening in real-time on a single platform.

  • Forecasting becomes a superpower, with data-driven insights guiding informed decisions and proactively mitigating risks.

Financial Management with Smartsheet makes this world a reality

By integrating Smartsheet with your existing financial systems and tools, it empowers you to maximize your financial management workflows across six key areas:

  1. Funds Request Initiation: Streamline the process of requesting funding with automated forms and clear justification workflows. No more lost emails or confusing spreadsheets!

  2. Data Review and Routing: Eliminate manual routing and data consolidation with automated workflows that ensure information reaches the right reviewers quickly and efficiently.

  3. Prioritization and Allocation Decisions: Facilitate collaborative decision-making with real-time visibility into funding requests and data-driven insights to prioritize allocations effectively.

  4. Funds Allocation and Documentation: Ensure accurate and transparent fund allocation with automated workflows that eliminate manual errors and provide a clear audit trail.

  5. Expenditure Tracking and Reporting: Make it easy to track expenses across categories, projects, and business units with actionable views, intuitive dashboards, and automated reports.

  6. Performance Forecasting: Gain a clear picture of your financial future with powerful forecasting capabilities that use real-time data to predict performance, segment data appropriately, and identify potential risks.

Connect your operational and financial teams and systems in Smartsheet to achieve time saving, data quality, data visibility, and profitability results across your financial management workflows

But how do you know where to start? 

Our Financial Integration Efficiency Audit can help! This complimentary audit will analyze your current financial management workflows and identify areas where Smartsheet can unlock the power of effective collaboration for your teams

By completing the audit, you'll gain insights into:

  • Workflow bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are costing you time and money.

  • Opportunities for automation and data integration that can streamline your processes.

  • Specific ways Smartsheet can improve your financial planning and decision-making.

Click here to take the Financial Integration Efficiency Audit and unlock the full potential of your financial management. After completing this complimentary 10-minute form you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your business's financial management workflows, including recommendations for leveraging Smartsheet and improvement areas in team collaboration and data integration.

With Smartsheet, you can go beyond budgeting and reporting and achieve seamless financial planning. Collaborate, forecast, and confidently make data-driven decisions, paving the way for a financially secure and prosperous future.

The SoftwareX Financial Management Workflows for Financial Collaboration in Smartsheet


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