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Collaborative Financial Management in Smartsheet | Introduction to the Solution Use Case and Design Overview Series

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Are data siloes and inaccurate reports zapping your team's energy? Feeling lost in a maze of manual entries and disconnected systems? You're not alone. Streamlining complex financial workflows is challenging and it can feel like an unwinnable puzzle. But what if there was a way to transform chaos into clarity, and manual drudgery into effortless collaboration?

Welcome to our brand-new series of articles and videos showcasing real-world Smartsheet solution use cases and designs aimed at inspiring Smartsheet solution creators.

In a previous blog post we defined 6 financial management workflows that can be streamlined using Smartsheet. This series takes a much deeper look at specific use cases related to financial collaboration and reviews real-world use case design patterns in depth to inspire Smartsheet users like you. Our aim is to help you understand where use cases and technical designs intersect when your Smartsheet solution is able to leverage integrated data from your financial and accounting systems.

Over the next few posts, we'll delve into three critical financial processes using integration, each of varying complexity and accompanied by a video demonstration:

Sample of 3 Use-Cases supported by Smartsheet and Integration



Make customer onboarding flawlessly efficient for your internal teams. No more chasing forms across systems. See how Smartsheet orchestrates a seamless onboarding journey, from proposal to activation, with automated workflows and data integration that keeps everyone informed and on track.

Say goodbye to chasing down answers and late-night number crunching. This overview reveals how Smartsheet and integration streamline expense accrual, reconciling errors, and boosting accuracy.

Ditch the crystal ball and embrace data-driven forecasting. Get an in depth look at a Smartsheet solution design that uses real-time data to clearly depict the financial future of projects and portfolios. Make informed decisions confidently, anticipate risks, and navigate project and market changes with agility.

Each video follows a step-by-step format, providing you with a Smartsheet solution design overview to inspire your next solution implementation in your own organization.

By watching the videos you'll see:

  1. Who collaborates within each workflow: Understand the key players involved and how Smartsheet helps them.

  2. The areas where Smartsheet can help: Get a picture of the inefficiencies and frustrations caused by disconnected systems and manual processes that Smartsheet can address

  3. A Smartsheet solution design walkthrough: Sit back and observe as we showcase a Smartsheet solution design that connects operational and financial teams and systems based on real-world solution designs.

We hope that you can take away some inspiration and make collaborative financial management a strategic advantage and not a burden for you and your teams.

Stay tuned for our first video, Streamline Customer Onboarding with

Smartsheet and Integration, coming soon! In the meantime, let us know which financial workflow designs you'd love to see us dissect next.


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